Domia Global, personalized legal services

Domia Global, in-person and online lawyers

Domia Global is a project born in 2019 and materialized in 2020 based on the experience -both personal and professional- of its founders, Joana Alsina and Glòria Peracaula. Thus, the premise with which this business has been conceived is to accompany clients from the beginning to the end in processes linked to the management of inheritances, treating each case in a personalized manner, and from a global perspective.

What does Domia offer?

In this way, DOMIA GLOBAL groups its services into three different areas, which are closely related due to their complementarity. These areas include legal services, mediation and dispute resolution, and real estate advice.

Legal services, mediation and real estate advice

The study of cases from a 360º perspective is our specialty, and this is one of the reasons why we named our firm Domia Global. By this we mean that our professional experience and the network of collaborators who support us, allow us to offer clients comprehensive support, from start to finish. Often, everything related to inheritances and wealth management involves long processes that involve several phases. Our services allow us to accompany and advise our clients in all these lengthy processes.

We save time for you and your family

We know that time is of the essence, and that’s why we want our customers to save. Wealth management often involves mandatory compliance procedures with administrations that make the process cumbersome. . For this reason, we take care of everything and even travel to our clients’ homes, to not make any of these procedures a concern or a burden for them.