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DOMIA GLOBAL was born from the personal and professional experience of its founding partners, Joana Alsina and Glòria Peracaula. The result of this experience is the firm conviction that it is necessary to have a clear and proper succession plan. This premise is the starting point that marks the beginning of your project.

To achieve these objectives, DOMIA GLOBAL groups the services it offers in three different areas, which are closely related, given their complementarity: legal services, mediation and conflict resolution, and real estate advice.

Thus, DOMIA GLOBAL began its journey in order to offer a personalized service that takes into account the personal circumstances of its customers from a professional point of view, studying in detail the characteristics and needs of each case.

We know that time is gold and we want to save the time those who trust us. For this reason, we move where the client requires it, and approach each case in a personalized way, studying it from a global point of view, and providing confidence and comfort from start to finish.

DOMIA GLOBAL puts the customer at the center of its operation, which is why we study their needs in detail, and then recommend the decision-making that can benefit them most. We seek excellence in each of our services, and offer personalized treatment to cover the needs of the client with professionalism. On the other hand, our fees are transparently adjusted to the orders that are placed.

In this sense, our mediation services offer clients an alternative of lower economic cost and less personal wear and tear, with the time savings that this option entails. Mediation is often the conflict resolution technique that is most satisfactory to all parties involved.

We support our clients in the various processes that may arise around successions, whether with legal services, mediation and conflict resolution services, and real estate advisory services. In this way, we cover all the needs of our clients, saving them time and costs while giving them the confidence and transparency they need.

Our goal is to approach each case carefully, considering the particularities of each situation and offering a 100% personalized service, tailored to the needs of our customers, and adapting if these needs change.

DOMIA GLOBAL can manage the maintenance of the customer’s real estate through its collaborators in order to ensure that the client, whether resident in the country or abroad, does not have to worry about the state of their property, ensuring that your stay or vacation is spent enjoying your time.



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