We advise you so you can make the most of your assets

DOMIA GLOBAL has specialists in different fields for this purpose to meet the needs of its customers in managing its inheritance, realistically both in the present and in the future. If you have a buyer or a tenant, DOMIA GLOBAL advises, drafts and / or supervises any type of contract that you intend to sign in order to guarantee you the greatest legal certainty.

Family office

We call Family Office a family heritage management methodology. DOMIA GLOBAL advises families who have a volume of important heritage in order to prevent it from eroding, and preserve it through efficient management. This management will allow for clients that have cases where the property comes from business activity, to separate it from this activity, and manage it efficiently, preserving private wealth from family business wealth. The goal of this management formula is to achieve asset management and financial management from the perspective of financial-fiscal efficiency. This is in addition to a good family organization that allows the family to receive legal services and get organized for proper decision making.

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