DOMIA GLOBAL offers comprehensive legal advice and assistance with an assessment of the impact that may exist in the different legal fields, carefully studying the particularities of each case to offer clients the best possible defense of their interests. Our legal assistance and advice covers all areas of legal and real estate action, but especially in inheritance and wealth management.

We take care of the different phases that include real estate planning, whether family or business, through legal tools of various kinds and studying each case in a unique way.

Our team of professionals has specialists in the field of wealth management, a task we perform with the present and future of our clients in mind. We guarantee legal security in every case that we manage.

We represent our clients by taking on the procedures before the public administrations so that non-residents in Spanish territory can continue to fulfill their obligations despite living abroad.



A lack of understanding between two or more parties can lead to a conflict situation. There are different methods of resolving disputes that may arise. This includes in court, or alternatively: conciliation, arbitration or mediation, outside of court.

DOMIA GLOBAL provides its customers with all these alternatives for resolving conflicts. We have extensive and proven experience in different types of conflict resolution through the method of mediation.

The purpose of mediation is for the disputing parties to reach a consensual, fair, stable and long-term agreement, thus avoiding having to initiate legal proceedings or, where appropriate, helping to resolve a judicial process that has already begun.

Conflict resolution is a tool applicable to many areas where conflicts may arise. Our services cover mediation in the following areas:

Family mediation is an out-of-court process that will allow our clients to resolve conflicts that may arise between family members, whether they are: divorces; custody; or maternal and paternal relationships.

Mediation as a method of resolving conflicts in social and neighborhood environments is a powerful tool for problems between communities that can result from noise complaints, use of common areas, etc.

Conflicts related to companies, obligations, commercial contracts, debts, competition, industrial property or patents, among others, can be adequately resolved through mediation.



DOMIA GLOBAL‘s specializations includes real estate services, an area where our experience guarantees that everything we offer our clients is in a personalized, transparent and professional way.

We accompany you and help you find the real estate product that suits you best, and what you are looking for. We advise you during procedures such as signing mortgages, private contracts, or rental documents.

Our services in this area aim to resolve incidents that may occur to your property during your absence, in order to provide you with the peace of mind you need. This service is tailored to clients that live outside of Spain but have property within Spain.

Our goal with this service is to make our customers save time, offering them the coordination and control to guarantee that work carried out on homes is executed. With this service we control the coordination of any modifications on real estate property, such as coordinating with different professionals that cater to your needs.