Mediation Lawyers


A lack of understanding between two or more parties can lead to a conflict situation. There are different methods of resolving these disagreements, which are an alternative to the courts: conciliation, arbitration or mediation. The role of our expert mediation lawyers is to provide a neutral resolving differences that arise.

DOMIA GLOBAL provides its customers with all these alternatives for resolving conflicts. We have extensive and proven experience in different types of conflict resolution through the method of mediation.

The purpose of mediation is for the disputing parties to reach a consensual, fair, stable and long-term agreement, that will provide stability from the start and remain in the long term, thus avoiding having to initiate legal proceedings. Even in the event that the judicial process is already underway, it can be suspended to initiate a mediation process. If agreements are reached within this process, the judicial process may be terminated.

Mediation as a conflict resolution tool is a method applicable to many areas where conflicts can arise: in marital or couple relationships, within the family business, neighborhood relationships, in the business relationship, in the field labor.

Family mediation is an out-of-court process that will allow our clients to resolve conflicts that may arise between family members, whether they are: divorces; custody; or maternal and paternal relationships.

Mediation as a method of resolving conflicts in social and neighborhood environments is a powerful tool for problems between communities that can result from noise complaints, use of common areas, etc.

Conflicts related to companies, obligations, commercial contracts, debts, competition, industrial property or patents, among others, can be adequately resolved through mediation.

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