Real Estate Law Lawyers


DOMIA GLOBAL‘s lawyers in real estate law experts offer comprehensive specialist advice on all legal aspects of real estate. We help our clients to find the property they are looking for. We carry out a detailed legal and administrative study of the property by verifying the existence of charges on the property (mortgages, liens, easements, existence of other debts, other holders, censuses …).

DOMIA GLOBAL manages the preparation and drafting of the deed of sale, with the monitoring of the fulfillment of the agreements reached by the parties, settlement of taxes and tributes, registration in the property register, change of ownership of light supplies , water, gas, telephone. Our real estate experts provide you with security in the drafting of contracts, processing and management of sales, obtaining and renewing certificates of habitability and certifications of energy efficiency, certificates of communities of owners and especially the legal defense of both individuals and companies within this field. We look after our clients’ interests by putting at their disposal our lawyers specializing in real estate law to achieve their maximum satisfaction through a personalized, transparent and professional treatment.

We accompany you and help you find the real estate product that suits you best, and what you are looking for. We advise you during procedures such as signing mortgages, private contracts, or rental documents.

Our services in this area aim to resolve incidents that may occur to your property during your absence, in order to provide you with the peace of mind you need. This service is tailored to clients that live outside of Spain but have property within Spain.

Our goal with this service is to make our customers save time, offering them the coordination and control to guarantee that work carried out on homes is executed. With this service we control the coordination of any modifications on real estate property, such as coordinating with different professionals that cater to your needs.

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